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Simply put, trade finance enables a business to acquire products that it needs to conduct operations without straining the business's cashflow. Typically in a wholesale/distribution business, this would be stock, and in a manufacturing concern this would be raw materials. For example, an importer and distributor of brush ware would use a trade finance facility to import mops and brooms.


Why consider a trade finance facility?


There are many reasons, some obvious, some less so.  In no particular order of importance:


  1. South African banks, which are in most cases the primary source of working capital loan for small and medium sized business, adopt a conservative approach to granting credit. This is not a criticism of the banking industry’s approach, but it can and does provide a growth constraint.

  2. A trade finance facility extended by Anglo Cape Confirming which specialises in this area of finance does not interfere with your existing bank facilities.

  3. The facility can be used for both local and international transactions. A trade finance facility can be used to pay the supplier in full to obtain a discount which can offset a portion of Anglo Cape Confirming's charges.

  4. Anglo Cape Confirming is highly experienced in processing international payments.  A growing trend is for overseas suppliers is to demand the whole, or a portion of, the purchase price to be paid in advance, and again this is an aspect that we are familiar with and equipped to undertake.


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Trade Finance Process

Our application process requires you to provide us with financial information to assess the viability of a trade finance facility for your business.  This information includes, but may not be limited to, the latest annual financial statements, management accounts, debtors and creditors age analysis, inventory lists and any forecasts.  All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

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